Winter Party Festival

Don’t miss the Winter Party Festival.

This year’s festival takes place February 27 to March 5, 2019 and is by far the grandest one yet with two huge weekend dance events with Masterbeat and the biggest pool party ever at the festival. For the LGBTQ community, Winter Party is a place to rejuvenate, recharge, and let loose – but mostly it’s a place to feel free. This world-renowned weeklong celebration in Miami Beach is one of the most important and fun LGBTQ events of the year. It’s definitely not one to be missed.

What started in 1994 as a one-day mega dance party on Miami Beach, the first ever actually held on the beach, it now runs the full week. It has evolved into an event that celebrates the true spirit of “chosen family” among the global LGBTQ community. Not only a massive party with an impressive lineup of internationally acclaimed DJs, this event has raised millions of dollars over the years for LGBTQ causes.

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